December 11, 2015

While another season is coming to an end, I find myself pondering what is now a decade to live on this magical island of Koh Phangan. I thought back to my permanent move 10 years ago, it seems to me that another life or even a completely different person packed his luggage, jumped on a plane and left the UK behind him for a new life on the tropical shores of Thailand. At the time, I was young, naive and thought that I knew everything, I was about to discover many things about myself that I did not know to have in me.

 sunset "width =" 311 "height =" 233 "/> </a> 5 years ago, I arrived in Thailand and Southeast Asia for the first time, I am fell in love with the country <br /> I knew the freedom I had never known in Western societies and I knew then that I had found my home, the people were so friendly and relaxed, the journey and the lifestyle were inexpensive and time, compared to the island of Koh Phangan.I remember that after 14 months of traveling in Asia, I had the impression of returning to the gray skies of England and know at Heathrow Airport that I would not stay in Europe for a long time. </p>
<p> It took me 3 years to save enough money to finally leave the UK and when that time came, I felt like I was there. released from a long prison term. I was going home for good. I had spent every minute of the last 3 years thinking about this time and what I was going to do on my arrival. I was still young enough to let my mind wander in all kinds of impractical ideas for a business and without thinking too much, I decided to follow my heart and work by doing something that I loved , which was the wakeboard. </p>
<h2 style= Wake up! Wakeboarding Koh Phangan was born

I had made my choice and now it was time to turn an impracticable idea into a flourishing affair on this little hippie island  BabyJamie "width =" 208 "height =" 185 "/> </a> At the time, it was much quieter than now, there were a handful of Western companies and tourism consisted mainly of backpackers and budget travelers similar to myself during my trip to Southeast Asia.I had never had experience in the field of wakeboarding and teaching, but even though I had from the experience, that would probably not have done me much good because the trade and social rules are very different from the regimented western style … the farang are familiar with … I had to learn fast and m & # 39; adapt to the business style of the Wild West that existed here on the island. </p>
<p> I quickly realized that the friendly locals were not always so friendly when it was business. I say that it should not hurt to reflect them because I quickly learned to see our different business styles as a cultural and not a personal difference. Even when my first professional experience almost made me fly my boat by the friends with whom I had chosen to associate, I had <a href=  26991_1360467406370_3792250_n "width =" 283 "height =" 188 "/> </a> learned to let go and do not turn a clash into a war that I would certainly have lost as a stranger." Save face is an important part of the Thai culture and it's never wise to show your emotions in any commercial or social disagreement.My so-called 'bad' experience is now one of my favorite stories of my initiation into the world. Koh Phangan island, but I will leave this story for another time as merit his own message <img src= Tags: